I am endlessly inspired by a meadow. I think my fascination began as a child in Danvers Massachusetts in the late 1960’s. We lived next to a field of tall grass that provided all that was needed to keep a young boy’s attention, a fallen tree, snakes, hiding places, etc… Another inspiration came from a book we read as children. I can’t recall the title, but remember the story vividly. In it a young boy is searching for the end of the earth. He looks everywhere for it, and eventually finds it in his own backyard, at the end of a meadow.

Meadows have remained magical places to me, and now as an adult I am drawn to them as inspiration for pattern, color, and as example of how plant communities evolve in nature. Meadows are often photographed in late summer and early fall, as that is the time they are most alive and display such great beauty. There is, however, amazing inspiration to be found in a meadow during all four seasons, and I have found myself lately drawn to the early spring meadows that dot the nearby landscapes. Flush with the faded colors of last year’s growth, and ready to burst forth with a new season’s wonder, I am energized by the beauty of this transitional time.

These photos are from a meadow in Simsbury, Connecticut. Bordering a youth sports field, and at the foot of a ridge, it is a place of natural beauty nestled into american suburbia, and I am anxiously awaiting what it reveals next!


More RAIN!

More RAIN!

Another day of rain yesterday, and honestly, I am struggling to find the silver lining. Here are a few positives; the reservoirs are full, lawns are staying green and the irrigation systems are not being used as much (Yeah!), most of the wet weather has been spaced out enough to limit basement water (Double Yeah!). What I am most excited about though is the crop of mushrooms that have appeared in our yard. Have a look!






It’s Hard to outdo Mother Nature, when it comes to simple beauty, and I look forward to moments like these. Truly, it’s the little things that make life enjoyable.

See you in the mushroom garden,