Worthy Pubs – Pith & Vigor!

Worthy Pubs – Pith & Vigor!

Worthy Pubs is not about finding the perfect pint, but rather great publications that offer the best sources for garden inspiration and tips. If they’ve got the stuff we’ll let you know about them, and then just maybe, we’ll raise a pint!


Pith and vigorPith & Vigor is the brainchild of former Garden Designers Roundtable contributor,  Leaf Magazine co-founder and editor, and friend Rochelle Walter Greayer. Rochelle approaches everything with a wonderful sense of style and I’m sure Pith + Vigor will be no exception. A beautiful full color quarterly newspaper and digital magazine, Pith & Vigor will share the grit and beauty of gardening with illustrative art, seductive photography, and quirky creative layouts.

There has been a dearth of garden worthy publications and TV shows for the last few years, and I’m glad to see this and other new choices showing up on the radar.

Click on the link below to donate through her Indiegogo campaign, and receive a nice perk too!

And, don’t forget to tell your friends!


Click here to contribute!

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