Sunday Inspiration 3.30.14 – My Masterpiece!

Sunday Inspiration 3.30.14 – My Masterpiece!

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece

~ Claude Monet

Masterpiece pic

As a garden designer I often think of gardens as paintings, and the land my canvas. I don’t think of myself as equal to Claude Monet, except in the desire to create. I have enjoyed success over the years blending plant and hardscape, but have also suffered projects that have not fared as well. That is the essence of the creative arts though, the ongoing task of producing and exposing. It’s a process we all experience, whether as a professional in a creative industry or a homeowner choosing wall colorings. Each must make a choice expressive of his or her inner feeling, then set it free for others to critique.

As the ground here in Connecticut continues to warm and we begin another season of “garden painting”, I am excited to explore each canvas set before me and discover the garden the lies within each, and hopefully one day paint my masterpiece. I hope you feel the same excitement as you take on your canvas’, and invite you to share each experience with us here on Garden Sketches.

Paint on my friends!

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