Worthy Pubs – The Designer!

Worthy Pubs – The Designer!

Worthy Pubs is not about finding the perfect pint, but rather great publications that offer the best sources for garden inspiration and tips. If they’ve got the stuff we’ll let you know about them, and then just maybe, we’ll raise a pint!

APLD Designer


This installment of Worthy Pubs is a wee bit self serving as I am a contributor, but please forgive the shameless self promotion. The Designer is the quarterly magazine published by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. The spring issue, scheduled for release on March 15th, signals a   re-designed and re-imagined look to the magazine. The new editor Susan Morrison, is a familiar friend to long time readers of the blog, as she is one of the founding members (actually the brainchild) of Garden Designers Roundtable, a monthly blog series on garden design of which we are proud to be part.

With the relaunch comes a a bit of a new focus. No longer aimed solely at the professionals in the field of landscape design, APLD is looking to inspire all who are interested in the garden. Susan has done a great job pulling together a great group of voices for the magazine, and I’m sure we’ll all be thrilled and inspired with each issue. So, if you’d like to sharpen your design skills, grab a tip or two from a professional, or just look at pretty garden pictures (and who doesn’t), sign up for a free subscription today!

Follow this link link and enjoy! The Designer Subscrition Page 

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