The Meadow

The Meadow

Some years ago we decided to let  portion of the yard go. Always wet and tough to maintain, a wet meadow seemed a better alternative. It was mostly grasses and dandelions the first year, but as time passed nature found its way in. Always changing, it continues to be a place I find alive and inspiring. It’s sometimes messy, and at times under attack by invasives, but it’s always buzzing with activity, and there’s always beauty to be found in The Meadow.

Have you let nature do it’s thing in  your yard? I’d love to hear about it. Please leave me a comment!

And now, a montage from our Meadow!

7 thoughts on “The Meadow

  1. We’ve left about 9 of our 10 acres basically wild – we usually mow a path through so that we can walk and enjoy it, but the route of the path varies each year, based on my husband’s whim when he mows it for the the first time each spring. We’re actually working to re-establish a semi-functional prairie grassland on badly overgrazed pasture – and we are deeply enjoying the process as we go.

    I enjoyed your meadow mashup a lot – nice job! (My favorite photo was the one with 9? 10? bumble bees on one bloom complex. Wonderful!)

  2. Back in the mid 90s we had a home in Green Bay, WI which backed up to a storm water detention pond that held water most of the year. So we converted our entire back yard to a short-grass prairie. I have not kept up with the issues, but at that time, WI was at risk of losing all their prairies, and people were encouraged to dedicate some of their land to restorations. It was so cool. But alas, after we moved, the next people mowed it down and planted turf lawn. 😦

    I’m a landscape designer, and here in the greater Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area, I encourage anyone with 1/2 acre or more to dedicate some of their land to short-grass meadow. We do have a few areas that once were Garry Oak Savannah, but most of them are gone. Development swallowed them up. And even if they don’t live on land suitable for Garry Oak, any short-grass meadow is great for the environment.

    I’ve written about meadows and prairies in my blog.

    1. Hi Beth,

      Thanks for sharing your story! I am always disheartened when I hear of someone turning another’s hard work under, especially if it turns valuable natural areas into lawn. You sound like a wonderful steward of nature and natural areas. I’m glad to hear of your “crusade” for meadow establishment (if you read any further into my blog, you’ve seen that meadows hold a special place in my heart), it’s put a smile on my face this morning, so thanks! Thanks also for the link to your blog, I’ll stop by.

      All the best,


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