Designing with Native Plants Follow Up – So now what?

Designing with Native Plants Follow Up – So now what?

This past Tuesday, on my Garden Designers Roundtable post, I discussed “Designing with Native Plants” by showing

"Scott Hokunson " "Blue Heron Landscape Design"
Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) on Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

you a few examples of native plants that you most likely already know, but might not know are native. I hope I have stimulated you enough to want to learn more about native plants, but you might be thinking; “Yeah those were great examples, but now what do I do?” Fear not gentle reader, for through this post and moving forward, I will attempt to guide you into the wonderful world of native plants, using them to make your landsape come alive, and maybe even establish a sense of place (genius loci). Let’s get started!

The first place you should turn, obviously, is to the posts of my fellow Roundtable designers. You will find a great deal of insight in their sharings.

Next, read my review of Doug Tallamy’s wonderful book “Bringing Nature Home” (then buy and read the book).

Finally, when you have finished with these, try visiting the following links for more examples (and sources!) of native plants. In future posts we’ll be looking at a few more books on this subject, as well as further uses of native plants, and a few design tips. For now, enjoy these sources, and please feel free to leave questions or comments below, or even better, continue the discussion over at our Facebook page!

All the best, Scott!

Connecticut Botanical Society – Learn about, and what’s in your CT backyard!

Project Native – Non-profit native plant nursery in Housatonic, MA

Native Plants & Wildflower Gardens – Carole Sevilla Brown’s excellent blog on ecosystem gardening! – Native plant database.

Plant Native – Directory, database, and tips.

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