Inspirations – Quote worthy!

Inspirations – Quote worthy!

A Garden is more than  an artfully arranged collection of plants and other elements, more than a simple evocation of nature. It is a wellspring of human memory and emotion. It has its own sense of narrative, its own meaning, for those who live or work there as well as those who simply visit.

W. Gary Smith From Art to Landscape: Unleashing creativity in Garden Design


A wonderful sentiment on one’s connection with the garden, don’t you think? This past weekend, I started reading Smith’s book on garden design, and this quote lept off the page. In my travels, I have passed by some very curiously arranged landscapes, and after reading this quote I can’t help but wonder if any time was taken for discovery, or if simply “getting it done” was the ultimate goal.

A garden is a relationship with place. Have you taken the time for discovery in your projects? Have you a relationship with your place? I’d love to hear about it!


See you in the garden!




2 thoughts on “Inspirations – Quote worthy!

  1. A garden is a relationship with space… So true. In fact it is a relationship with many different small spaces within the whole larger garden. I really like this sentiment.

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