It’s that time of year again when each of us reflects on the past and resolves to make the necessary changes to better ourselves. Strange that we go through this excercise at the turn of the calender and not as the need arises, but I suppose that is human nature. For many years I  have resolved to not make any resolutions, rather choosing to ignore those things that trip me up on a regular basis, and figuring they will most likely work themselves out if left alone.  But aging has a way of grabbing you by the shirt and delivering a wake up call with a resounding slap!

So, in the spirit of the season, I resolve to do the following:

1. Attend to this blog! – You may have noticed a lack of posting lately, which is strange since, my ideas file has been growing. The post count has not though, so I resolve to share on a more regular basis!

2. Start vegetable and annual seeds! – Every year this is a goal, but it rarely happens. This year we’ll stay on top of things.

3. Develop the garden! – Referring here not to the vegetable garden, but to the ornamental. Too long has the homestead suffered as “The Cobbler’s Children”. Starting in 2012, it’s shoes for the garden… er, you know what I mean.

4. Visit more gardens! – Seems strange this one, but as a designer, I have visited very few. I will make the best of efforts this season to visit (both for respite and inspiration)  the wonderful gardens, both near and far.

5. Get in tune! – I’ve been known to lift up a voice now and again, but that’s not the point here. Nature (and as it hopefully inspires, the garden), seeks harmony in chaos and balance in extremes. Consider the calming effect of water as it sloshes violently over jagged rocks, and the wistfulness of  grasses swaying in a harsh desert environment. Peace and grace found amid violence and strife. I resolve to find the balance of nature in life, and lessen the stress that afflicts human interaction.

Oh yeah, and lose some weight! What the heck, I had to throw one hard one in there…


Please share your resolutions for 2012. And, whether directed at the garden or towards a greater purpose, I wish you success!

See you in the garden!


8 thoughts on “Resolutions!

  1. Yes, visit more gardens! Went to Longwood for the first time in 2010. Had to go back in 2011 and went to Winterthur. So inspiring! You will love it. And I loved resolution number five! Thank you for that vision of beauty and balance Scott.

  2. So when you start visiting gardens in my neck of the woods, hit me up. Longwood is a good start, but don’t forget Chanticleer, Mt. Cuba, Nemours, Morris Arboretum, Tyler Arboretum and the list goes on and on. You could spend a month here!

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