A New Source for Inspiration – Leaf Magazine!

A New Source for Inspiration – Leaf Magazine!

Debut Cover Autumn 2011!

Where does one go to find find inspiration for outdoor spaces? Between television, books and magazines, the choices are many. A new entrant into the mix though, is poised to take the our senses by storm. Landscape and garden designers Susan Cohan and Rochelle Greayer have joined forces to bring us Leaf Magazine, a new digital publication about Design Outside and Outdoor Style that will debut on Monday October 17, 2011. Susan and Rochelle are talented designers who have inspired readers through their blogs Miss Rumphius’ Rules and Studio G, for many years.

The ongoing discussion in modern horticulture has moved toward new plant introductions, sustainability, and the slow-food movement (all worthy topics), but also in this discussion, design at times has found itself to be an afterthought. It may crown a champion though, in Leaf magazine and the considerable talents and design sensibilities of Susan and Rochelle. The early story lines we have seen are topical and intriguing, and the photos amazing. If like me, you love that intersection of design, style, living and the garden, you won’t want to miss Leaf Magazine

Here are some important tidbits from the Leaf Magazine press release!

  • Subscriptions are free and can be signed up for here.
  • A launch party will be held on Twitter on Monday October 17th at 6:00 pm EST, and is open to all. Just search for the hashtag #leaflaunch

The magazine’s mission:

Leaf Magazine operates at the intersection of great design and the great outdoors. Leaf is the leading online publication in a magazine format that provides design enthusiasts and professionals with inspirational and actionable editorial. Leaf connects its readers to products and ideas within the outdoor design market.

At Leaf we believe in…

  •  great design and living well outdoors 
  • the cultivation of beauty in the garden and beyond 
  • sharing ideas that can be interpreted by all who love design 
  • the celebration of creativity, originality and balance tempered with a sense of humor 
  • honoring the land we live on by elevating it through thoughtful design 
  • creating and cultivating on-line communities 
Disclaimer: Susan and Rochelle are friends and co-contributors of Garden Designers Roundtable, and that HAS influenced this post. Through many discussions, shared garden visits, and by reading their blogs, I have come to greatly appreciate their knowledge and critique of design. 

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