A Frozen Ending to a Long Month!

A Frozen Ending to a Long Month!

This winter will not soon be forgotten. Record snow falls in January gave way to rain and ice in February. Stories of roof collapses frequented the evening news and ice dams arose from gutters, loosening shingles and allowing melting snow a way inside, soaking insulation before reappearing through finished ceilings.

We still have a short ways to go before spring, but we’ve made it through February! And although it’s the shortest month of the year, it always seems to go on forever, even for a winter loving New England Yankee like me.

Still, despite producing feelings of cabin fever and despair, it’s not without beauty and this year February decided to leave us with one last show. The weather conditions were miserable yesterday, but I just couldn’t pass on a trip outside with the camera. Here’s hoping a few beautiful images will help lessen the sting of a winter that just doesn’t want to end.

Click play and enjoy the tranquil sounds of Al Petteway and Amy White while you view the pictures!

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4 thoughts on “A Frozen Ending to a Long Month!

  1. It snowed AGAIN today. We’ve all had it, but looking at your post reminded me that it could still be icing out there. I hope it’s over so we can get back to gardening.

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