The Great Backyard Birdcount 2011

The Great Backyard Birdcount 2011

A Bluebird in our meadow

Quick post today folks to let you know the Great Backyard Bird count for 2011 starts today! I hope you find a little time to check in with your feathered friends and send in your totals. You’ll find all the info you need to participate on the GBBC website.

Here’s the link – Great Backyard Bird Count


4 thoughts on “The Great Backyard Birdcount 2011

  1. Hey Scott, thanks for this link. We have so many birds right now it is a blast to watch. My husband is laid up – post op from a hip resurfacing – and he LOVES birds. This will be a great activity for him.
    Nice post!

    1. Your welcome Monique! I love bird watching myself. We feed year round here and have been able to keep the bears at bay, the squirrels… not so much. We now consider them part of the flock.

      My best to you husband for a speedy and pain free recovery!

  2. Vero Beach Fl
    16 painted buntings, 2 indigobuntings, pair of cardinalslocks of robins traveling north feeding on brazilian peppe trees berrys lt of mourning doves, and as always blue jays

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