A “somewhat” Wordless Wednesday!

A “somewhat” Wordless Wednesday!

A small warming trend here in Southern New England through the weekend, and it is very welcome! We’ve been lucky so far, no water in the house from ice dams, and the hoop house is still standing strong despite record snows. Some of our neighbors have not fared so well. So before we hit “Mud” Season, please enjoy a few pictures from around the yard while everything is still a pretty and white!

We certainly have had our fair share this winter!
Held up pretty well so far!
A few more windy days and the whole White Pine will be on the ground!
Black Capped Chickadee
Just another day for a Blue Spruce!
Can't wait to unpack and start potting!
Ugh! I guess we're closer to mud season than I thought!





12 thoughts on “A “somewhat” Wordless Wednesday!

  1. Yes, u guys do do snow properly.
    Over here we get spooked with more than 1cm!
    Charmed by a bird challed the Chickadee – I thought that was just something Mae West said!
    Best Wishes

    1. Thanks Robert! With each snow comes the long lines for supplies, so not sure we handle it that much better.

      Always thought they should have named it ‘My Little Chickadee’, but then I’d have to go up and see it sometime! 😉

  2. I’m getting REALLY impatient about not seeing or standing on … DIRT. (You can remind me of this statement come May, but now, I’d love to see a new shoot or hellebore bud!)

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