Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – August 2010

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – August 2010

It’s August 15th, and once again time for Bloom Day posts! Here is a slideshow of what’s blooming in our little corner of the world! After viewing here please head on over to May Dreams Gardens and have a look at all the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day posts. There is so much to behold!


P.S. If you would like to know more about any of the flowers in the slideshow,  just post a comment, I love to talk plants!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

21 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – August 2010

  1. Scott,

    Happy Bloom Day! I see you’ve discovered the slideshow feature of wordpress, too:) What’s the purple flower see right before the phlox? And is that Helenium Mardi Gras?

    1. Yes, not only discovered but love using it! I have added labels to the photos, but the purple flower is Monarda ‘Dark Ponticum’. And yes, that is Mardi Gras, a favorite around here!

  2. Lovely images of pretty blooms. I posted a comment today about the slideshow, and now I realize that the slideshow is from wordpress. But which one? There are so many to choose from or is a widget? I like the presentation, but can it be slowed down without user input? BTW. Happy Bloom Day.

    1. The slideshow app appears at the bottom of each gallery you upload in your post. Each viewer has the ability to pause, advance or go back by clicking on buttons in the slideshow. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. aloha,

    love your slide show and that pennisetum purpureum is my all time favorite, such a perfect foil for fall foliaged plantings…thanks for sharing your garden today

  4. Very nice slideshow! My chelone hasn’t started yet – maybe because it’s in pretty deep shade…

  5. Enjoyed your slide show, Scott. Great photos. After catching a glimpse of your white scabiosa I may have to add one to my gardens – all mine are blue.

  6. You do have a lot going on. Simply lovely. I especially love the Helenium. I saw it for the first time this year and really love the color.

  7. Love the slide show feature, very easy to watch and navigate. I haven’t seen white chelone before. I have the pink that are just starting to open and am already trying to figure out if I have space to mix in some white, they do expand rapidly!

  8. The white Chelone is a little taller (4′) Linda, so possibly deeper in the border. Sounds like you’ll find space. 😉 Thanks for the comments!

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