A Cool Spring Evening!

A Cool Spring Evening!

Spring is a very busy time around here, as you can imagine. Not only does it seem like spring has flown by, but lately it feels like it also. Early April temps in the mid to upper eighties is not spring-like for us here in New England, so it was nice to be able to enjoy a few minutes on the deck tonight as a cold front moved through and started the temperature moving toward normalcy.

Finding a few minutes to unwind is one of the simple things that can keep you sane during the busy season, and I was rewarded not only by the downtime and cooler weather, but with a few other surprises as well.

I caught the first glimpses of our resident bats, as they dashed back and forth against the evening sky, catching all manner of insects. They no doubt are hungry, as they have fasted for the winter during their hibernation. We have been worried that we might not see them again as most of the larger bat communities in the east are succumbing to White nose syndrome (Read more about it here –  http://www.fws.gov/northeast/white_nose.html), but each spring we are relieved to see them return.

Big-Eared Bat (picture from U.S. Fish and wildlife website)

The spring peepers were in full chorale, hoping to find a mate. Stop by www.Naturesound.com to learn more about them and to hear their soothing sound!

A male peeper singing for a mate! (Photo from Naturesound.com)

In the distance, to top off the evening, a whippoorwill sung his melodic song over and over again. It isn’t every night we get to hear a whippoorwill, and when we do it’s never from the same location. It moves around from a small field to the southwest of us to somewhere off east of the house tonight. Whippoorwill populations are declining across the northeast, as their habitat continues to disappear. Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, read more about them and even hear their beautiful song.

Whippoorwill (photo from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Tonight was a rare treat, and I’m glad found a few minutes to enjoy our local friends of nature before they’re gone. I hope you find the time to stop and enjoy some of nature’s wonders.

I bid you Peace!



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