Let Natural Beauty Shine Through!

Let Natural Beauty Shine Through!

Humans are obsessed with beauty. We spend billions of dollars enhancing the way we look, more often than not robbing the world of our innate natural beauty.The horticultural world is no different. Each year new introductions are made promising longer bloom times and more controlled growth habit.

Recently I have been reminded of this, as the Cherry Trees in our area begin to blossom. More specifically Weeping Pink Cherries, Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’. I don’t like Weeping Pink Cherries. More specifically, I don’t like the “cute” little umbrella shape that has come to identify this once natural beauty.

Prunus 'Snow Fountain' - White form

Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'

An umbrella is not the natural form of this species, but is a weeping species grafted onto a standard (or trunk) of another cherry species.

Graft of weeping cherry onto a standard

It has become ubiquitous, it is everywhere.

Weeping Cherry planted together

Every once in a while though, an older specimen is encountered and the question arises, “Why do we mess with Mother Nature?”

The beautiful Graceful habit of an old specimen!

It may take time to reach this size, but it's worth the wait!

Which form do you prefer?

All the best,



6 thoughts on “Let Natural Beauty Shine Through!

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! I don’t understand their allure. We should all have a “worst offender” list, in fact… I think I’ll start one!

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