Capitalize on any Size!: A guest post from Kathy Moran of

Capitalize on any Size!: A guest post from Kathy Moran of

I am very pleased to introduce you to Kathy Moran of Kathy is the first guest blogger to appear here on Blue Heron Landscapes, and I hope you enjoy the wonderful ideas she bring to us today! You’ll find more information on at the end of this post, please pay them a visit.

An elegant arbor provides a welcoming place to sit!

Just look through any magazine for outdoor design ideas, and you’re bound to notice the trend toward turning patios, yards, and porches, into outdoor living rooms.  Often furnished as luxuriously as indoor rooms, some are even equipped with stoves and refrigerators.

After seeing so many pictures of these gorgeous spaces, many people give wistful sighs when glancing at their own backyards and patios, feeling that they’re too small or drab to have any such potential.  However, they needn’t give up so quickly, because there are many ways to capitalize on spaces of any size.  In fact, even those who have small porches or patios, and limited acreage to work with, can create charming backyard havens and outdoor living rooms.

A custom pergola transforms this patio into an elegant outdoor room!

For example, trellises, arbors, and pergolas can be strategically placed to define a specific area, such as a cozy hideaway in a corner of the backyard, a delightful niche for entertaining, or a secluded alcove in a side yard.  These rooms will have colorful walls and ceilings that are alive with vibrant, climbing flowers and vines, as well as built-in shade and air-conditioning.  Another alternative is to use planter benches with latticed backs, which supply seating, flowers, and walls, all at once, without hindering air circulation.  Multi-paneled garden trellises and screens also offer beauty and privacy.

Polywood tables and chairs resist the weather!

It’s easy to decorate these spaces attractively, as today’s outdoor furniture is available in styles and colors that will complement any motif, from rustic, to refined, or classic, to contemporary.   Beside the traditional woods, modern choices include durable aluminum and polywood, along with synthetic wicker, a material that looks stunningly authentic, but is practically indestructible.

Carefully selected colors can establish a flow from the indoors to the outside, giving the illusion of a larger space.  For instance, if the room immediately off the patio has blue walls, patio furniture, outdoor throw pillows, or patio umbrellas with blue in them, will create a unified look.  Blue flowers, in a bed, and/or in some planters placed near the door, will enhance the effect; and a vase full of those flowers on an indoor dining table or accent table will tie things up perfectly.

Accoutrements make this dining area feel like an indoor room!

This principle applies not only to solid colors, but to patterns and materials, too.  Indoor paneled walls and wood furniture can easily be complemented by wood outdoor furniture.  Moreover, with the countless colors and patterns available for outdoor furniture cushions, it’s easy to find some that will correspond with indoor upholstery, carpeting, throw rugs, or tapestries.

There are also many lighting options for these spaces, which, in addition to candles, party lights, and torches, include exquisite outdoor table lanterns, pendant lights, and floor lamps.

So, the next time you’re browsing through a magazine, don’t be dismayed if you don’t have the same kind of sprawling backyard or spacious porch or patio that you see in the photographs.  No matter how large or small an area you have as a foundation, you can be sure that, with the proper planning, it can be transformed into a striking outdoor room that’s as functional, practical, and comfortable as any room in your home.

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