4 thoughts on “Foliage Friday!

  1. Scott,

    This is one of my favorite yellow conifers. I love the texture and color it’s adds to the garden and so far the deer do not seem to like it too much. I see a few nibbles here or there but nothing the plant can’t recover from.

  2. Since moving from the east coast to the west, I haven’t given conifers the attention that they deserve in the landscape.
    Your Chamaecyparis was one of my go to plants when planning out the architectural bones of a garden in the east.
    Thanks for the visual treat and the reminder that conifers deserve an aureate / ‘aurea’ place in the garden.

  3. Michelle, I am guilty of the same. I have found myself enamored with perennials of late, and have to remind myself of the beauty and function of conifers. I presented a planting plan today, actually, that was predominantly conifers. I was a pleasure to get back in the groove!

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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