The Roundtable

The Roundtable

Recently, the Blue Heron Landscapes blog, has participated in two blog linkups. On December 4th, we were invited to join with the blogs Miss Rumphius’ Rules and Gossip in the Garden, by Susan Morrison author of the Blue Planet Garden Blog. The task,to answer the question, “Does your Garden Designer Practice what he/she Preaches?”. It was a fun  and at times introspective look into each of our own styles. On January 6th we linked our blogs again, and this time joined by nine more of our fellow Garden Designers and inspired by Susan Cohan of Miss Rumphius’ Rules, we discussed the merits of “Celebrating Regional Diversity” in our designs. This project was so enjoyable and so well received, that we have decided to take these efforts to a whole new level.

In January our group blossomed into the Garden Designers Roundtable, and has become a monthly event. We are proud to be joined by eleven other professionals, from all over the United States and Great Britain. It is a wonderfully talented and genuinly caring group of Landscape and Garden Designers that I feel blessed and honored to be working with. We have compiled a list thus far of 90 topics, all related to Landscape and Garden Design. Each month we invite you to join us, as a group of 8-12 of our Roundtable members all blog on one of the topics, bringing to it their own personal interpretation and experience, and possibly a few lighthearted musings!

To keep you up to speed with the Roundtable, we have created a blog, where readers can find each monthly event with links, read bios and follow the ongoing accomplishments of each blogger, and see a schedule of upcoming topics. We have designed a badge, identifying member blogs of the Roundtable, which you may have noticed on the right hand side of this page. Clicking on the badge on this or any of the member blogs will take you right to Garden Designers Roundtable. We have also created a Facebook Fan Page that we would love for all of you to join. It’s lively place that has exploded in popularity, approaching 600 fans in less than one week of existence. Created as a place to continue discussion of the monthly topics, it is already busy with comments and conversation!

Garden Designers Roundtable promises to be an event like no other. The next event is set for February 23, 2010, and the subject is ‘Foliage’. So please be sure to stop by here or at Garden Designers Roundtable and see how our talented designers view Foliage in their designs.

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