Redacted! New Honest Scrap Award Post

Redacted! New Honest Scrap Award Post

Headquarters has made contact, and has ordered the previous post be redacted, and replaced with the following. Please disregard any information previously divulged, Thank You! And for those of you that noticed that there were only 7 things listed about me and not 10, all I can say is, Headquarters will only put up with so much.

And now on a more serious note, and with heartfelt sincerity, here is my answer to the Honest Scrap Award.

My good Twitter friend and fellow garden Blogger Christina Salwitz the Professional Garden Coach, has nominated me for The Honest Scrap Award. As part of the duties associated with this honor, I must do the following; Inform you my readers of my nominator, Tell you 10 honest things about me that you would not necessarily know, and nominate 7 other worthy bloggers to continue on with this tradition.

10 honest things about me:

1  I love animals, and can’t imagine not having a dog around the house. We were lucky to find boomer, he is a great dog.

2  Everything positive I have achieved in life is because of my wife Kathy. She has supported me no matter what my endeavor.

3  I am extremely proud of our kids. In this day and age, when there are so many problems with drugs and alcohol, and so many remain distant and non-engaging with other adults, they prove to be an exception. Well, most of the time.

4  Someday, I hope Kathy and I will go to Europe for the summer.

5  I love coaching High School Lacrosse, even though it is during our busy season. Working with High School aged boys has its challenges, but it’s always a rewarding experience and well worth the time spent creatively scheduling work to make it happen.

6  Gardening, plants, and design are my passions, but I am terrible at tending the gardens at home.

7  I am a pretty good carpenter, and have installed several beautiful kitchens.

8  I have a temper, and can be cantankerous, but I am inspired by those that constantly work for peace and a sense of cooperation.

9  I wish I could find more time to go fishing.

10 I aspire to be the person my dog thinks I am!

So there you have it, the essence of me. Well, for the most part. Let’s face it there are some things I don’t even understand about me, but that’s a discussion for another time, right Kathy?

And now, my nominees for the Honest Scrap Award Are:

Kathy Hokunson

Matt Moore

Tim Tracey

Brian Bluff

Mark Sherrick

Eddie Bluff

Levi Spires

Good Luck and Be Well!


9 thoughts on “Redacted! New Honest Scrap Award Post

  1. I too, aspire to be the person my dog believes me to be as well. I can’t imagine my house or garden, without a dog beside me. (Who else gets excited and offers to help, when you go out to weed or pick up sticks?)

    1. Exactly Kari.

      Although, when picking up sticks and throwing they away into the woods, I wish he wouldn’t bring them all back! LOL


      1. Or, when she sees that I’m digging a hole (in the wrong place!) and proceeds to show me where the new hole is supposed to be. Do you use Salmon Brook as your vet?

      2. HAHAHA! No Boomer is not a digger, for the most part. He does however pull moles from the lawn like a polar bear pulls seals from the under the snow. To play with, of course. Does not always end well for the moles. Yes we use Salmon Brook, is that your Vet?

      3. Kari, this is to funny! If you mean Drs. John and Pam, not only do I know them, but I coach their son Nat on our High School Lacrosse team. He is a great kid. What a small world!

      4. Yes, Drs. John and Pam. Ask them about Lucy amd Mia. (I’m trying to find the photo of one of Lucy’s setters to post in response to @oakleafgreen’s dog and bow photo yesterday….)

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