Honest Scrap Award – Rough Draft

Honest Scrap Award – Rough Draft

My good Twitter friend and fellow garden Blogger Christina Salwitz the Personal Garden Coach, has recently nominated me for The Honest Scrap Award. As part of the duties associated with such a prestigious honor, I must do the following; Inform you my readers of my nominator, Tell you 10 honest things about me that you would not necessarily know, and nominate 7 other worthy bloggers to continue on with this tradition.

I’m sure that you can now see the problem with a person such as myself being part of this sort of exercise. Most of the secrets I retain, are on a need to know basis, and well…

Consequently, upon revealing the following information, I will have to terminate all those that read it. Please leave your name and address at the end of the post so that I may locate you before you pass any of this on.

Now, on with all the information you are all dying to read. (Sorry, no pun intended)

1                     I know where Jimmy Hoffa is!

2                     I can change in a phone booth in a flash.

3                     I have discovered the secret to cold fusion, only I can’t find my notes.

4                     My “Zoom” sign is not allowed by censors on TV.

5                     I found Carmen San Diego and Waldo, but I’m not telling!

6                     Warren Buffet stole all my ideas.

7                     It will not be long before I rid your puny planet of all of its evildoers!

So there you have it, the truth, the whole truth, and nothin but the truth. I will nominate 7 other bloggers, as soon as I recieve clearance to include them from the…. nevermind, I can’t mention them here.

Now please your names below. Thank You!

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