A deserving Family and 15 Minutes for Blue Heron PT. III

A deserving Family and 15 Minutes for Blue Heron PT. III

At this point in our story, I’m sure many of you are wondering about the film crew, and what it was like to have them around and filming every action taking place. And they did film every action. Cameras were rolling for each task as it happened, and the principal from each company was interviewed either by the producer or the reporter assigned to this story, and sometimes by both. Tim, the producer, Scott the Cameraman and Jeff, the reporter, were great. They worked very hard to keep each of at ease, and were very careful to stay out of everyone’s way. The real trick for us was to act normal on those occasions, discussing a certain aspect of the project, and realizing halfway through the discussion that a camera had snuck up on you and was getting candid footage.

This seamless interplay between the film crew and the contractors was especially important beginning Monday morning, the second week of the shoot. The jobsite would be teeming with activity, as we were scheduled to finish everything by Wednesday morning, and all needed to feel at ease.

During the first days of the project, we had identified a large dead Ash tree that hung precariously over the area where the new playscape would be located. Knowing this tree had to come down, was the easy part, the challenge was to find a professional to take it down within our timeframe. For this, I placed a call to Jeff at Precision Tree Experts. I have known Jeff for a long time, and knew he had the expertise, and the right equipment to handle the job. Jeff jumped at the chance to help us out, and now here he was on Monday morning with five trucks and his whole crew making short work of our hazard. During his initial visit to the site, Jeff had also identified a second tree, with major problems. This one, a Red Maple, prominently figured into our shade/patio garden. Losing this tree would change the entire feel of the patio area, but the hazard would out way the aesthetics, so down it came, causing a reworking of the plantings also.

While the tree work was happening, Gregorio and his crew were busy installing the patio, leaving the area for a short period of time while the Maple was being removed and the stump was ground. They arrived around seven a.m., and would have the patio, steps and sitting wall done by the end of the day. They were quite a sight, each crewmember performing his task, working in symphony with the others, methodically bringing their portion of the project to completion.

During the afternoon, the playscape was delivered and installed, and by the end of the day, we were ready for planting and mulching, and the return of the R-N-L crew.

Tuesday morning, found our site busy again. Winterberry gardens had arrived with the plant material and a crew ready to plant. The R-N-L crew had returned and fired up the Takeuchi, and my Blue Heron crew, Mike and Justin, were also there to help plant and mulch. By Tuesday afternoon, we had managed to finish everything except a narrow area next to the garage that would be left as access to the back yard for R-N-L to get through and hydroseed the lawn area. That and the few plants and small amount of mulch would be wrapped up on Wednesday morning, by the combined R-N-L/Blue Heron crews. We had met our goal, and the homeowner’s now had a beautiful new backyard.

Now for the cool extras; New England Patio donated a beautiful patio set with six chairs and an umbrella. An important component made necessary with the loss of our Maple Tree.

And for the ‘piece de resistance’, at least according to every guy that came through the site, was a Sterling Gas grill. Beautiful with its stainless steel finish, side burner and an infrared element for finishing the selected entrée on the electric rotisserie, (que the angelic music…). It stands as a beacon of barbeque, a guidepost to the gourmet …… Sorry, I got carried away.

For those of you old enough to remember those great TV dramas of the seventies, tomorrow’s entry will be the “Epilogue”. I always liked that segment “Epilogue”, and we’ll see if we can’t bring this series to its proper end (sarcastic applause… I know it been a long blog).

See you in the Garden,



The FOX 61 Ultimate Backyard Makeover is scheduled to run on June 27th at 12:30 pm. Please tune in!

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