Raindrops keep fallin’ on my….

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my….

Rain for forty days and forty nights, the animals lined up two by two. You know the story. And so it goes here in southern New England. I woke up to read in the Hartford Courant this morning that it had rained on 26 of the last 46 days. At first I was amazed, and then, after considering the possibilities, relieved, for just add fourteen days to that rain total, and maybe a double procession of procession of camels, bears and chimpanzees may have interrupted the enjoyment of my English muffin and coffee.

Growing up here in New England, does prepare one for sudden and sometimes drastic weather swings. As a boy, I can remember my parents and grandparents reciting Mark Twain: “if you don’t like the weather in New England, Wait a minute”. Well I have waited a minute. In fact for 26 of 46 days I have waited 66,240 minutes. But it’s still raining.

Rain, didn’t matter much to me as a young boy, there was always some fun to be had rain or shine. Fishing is better in the rain, mud wars are definitely better in the rain, and you never have to cut the lawn in the rain. So I never cared if it rained. Now, some (mumbling low under his breath) years later, I am becoming an old”ish” New Englander, and the rain has become a more important part of my life. Rain is a blessing! New plantings are getting plenty of water, and my customers won’t have to drag hundreds of feet of hose around the yard. Lawns are greener, and will stay that way well into the summer before going into dormancy. Reservoirs are filling and aquifers are being replenished.

But, the work schedule is suffering. So, we get out while we can and catch up on office work when we must. After all, a mud war now, only serves to create more work. So we’ll wait a minute and hope for the best, because before long we will be enduring the dog days, thinking, “if only it would rain”.

Now, I have to get going, I just saw two giraffes walk through the back yard. I wonder…..?

See you in the Garden,


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